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Samantha Jepson

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With her early career specializing in starting colts for performance divisions, Samantha is one of the most versatile trainers in the horse industry today offering a tremendous wealth of varied experience and dedication to her horses and clients.

The 2015 Arizona Horseman’s Challenge Champion and 2018 competitor, she has completed multiple apprenticeships under world class trainers in varied performance divisions.  Most recently Samantha has won several championships in Working Equitation, a sport which she uses to cross train all of her performance prospects to prepare for their careers in their chosen show pen, whether main ring, Eventing, or Western performance.

Samantha’s slogan “Gentle Methods for Solid Horses” comes from years of experience both IN and prepping FOR the show ring, while leaving them versatile and sound enough to be enjoyed by the whole family for years of work or trails.

“Much like us, horses learn differently. They have conformational, emotional, learning and fitness characteristics which can help or hinder their progress. These are a few important elements to keep in mind when developing a training program for a horse!

Producing a solid foundation for your horse gives them (and you) the tools for success and self confidence, as well as a path to keep them sound and healthy.

Horses will tell you when they don’t understand, or are not able to perform the task asked of them.  You just have to listen.”

Samantha knows that not everyone has the opportunity to attend clinics and seminars, hence the development of the Online Horse Training Video series.

A great opportunity to learn not just “what” to do, but why, how, and when at a very economical price!

In 2021, Samantha relocated to Southern California where she is acting ranch manager for Four-T ranch, and personal bodywork specialist for the performance horses at Tilley Andalusians.

In addition to overall equine management, she brings her years of barn management experience to the table to help restore and develop the property into a future event center.


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