Samantha Jepson
  • Working Equitation at El Campeon

    Perhaps California’s most popular Working Equitation venue!

    El Campeon is hosting its Spring Working Equitation show.

    Kevin will be show videographer (for WEERC) and Samantha will be acting show secretary

  • Arizona Spring Bodywork Clinic

    Samantha will be returning to Southern Arizona for a Spring Bodywork Clinic.

    Interested in having your horse worked on?

    Clinics will be offered in Tucson, Sonoita, Benson, and Sierra Vista.

    Book early to save your spot

    For scheduling and more information, please contact:

    JoAnna Samek

    (940) 365-4752


  • California Bound!

    Covid has undoubtedly changed our lives, interactions, and outlook on life.

    It has realigned our goals, our aspirations, and certainly our focus on what we find important in life.

    It has also opened up new opportunities to grow, to expand, and to realign with these new priorities.

    2021 marks a new chapter!

    Though I am sad to leave Arizona…

  • Sales Horses

    Through the training process (both rider and horse) we come across opportunities where riders have outgrown their horse, a beginner rider purchases a horse that does not match their abilities, or the horse’s conformation and abilities just do not fall in line with the desired discipline of the rider.

    These opportunities also give us the chance…

  • Do You TikTok?

    Sure, I use social media, but generally it is an avenue to communicate with clients, post about upcoming events….. You know, business stuff.

    I will admit that after being approached a few times about doing TikTok videos, the last thing that I needed was to add more chores or waste time in an already busy and…

  • Online Training

    2020 has been one heck of a year, for everybody!

    That said, this time of uncertainly is also a time of possibility.
    Many have been afforded (good or bad) an opportunity to reflect.
    We have realigned our visions and priorities, our dreams and expectations, and perhaps gained a bigger vision of who we are and what makes us…