Samantha Jepson

Published: November 28, 2020

Azule (SOLD)

Are you looking for an awesome ranch horse?

Well, Azule is your man! This gorgeous blue roan gelding is a bit soft, but get him in shape and he would love to go to work with his big ground covering gaits! Standing 16.2hh, and around 1200#s, he’s an absolute beast even though he’s been out to pasture for a bit! Azule is selling as grade, and is approximately 11 years old.
Azule is incredibly sweet, sensitive, responsive and super willing. If he’s not doing what you asked he either can’t due to fitness or isn’t sure what you need him to do! Azule is a very honest horse, and very easy to read. This horse was clearly someone’s personal bridle horse once upon a time, and he opens gates, crosses natural trail obstacles like a pro. Incredibly sensitive off leg aids and seat cues, with a neck rein to die for! We haven’t tried him on cattle, but everything about how he rides says he’s done more then a few honest days work. For as big and out of shape as he is, this big guy knows how to get around himself quick, and when he’s in shape he will be a catty guy in the sorting pen! He’s watchy, alert and very in tune with his rider, but not spooky, and would appreciate someone who was quiet, fair and an intermediate to advanced rider with some experience with a work horse. He does take a few rides to settle into his rider and get to know them, he’s not hard to ride but he’s not a beginner packer either. Brave going out alone, in groups, leading or following, as long as he knows his rider. Has handled traffic and obstacles like a champ, although he clearly said he didn’t see why I thought going over a tarp was important, he was plumb quiet about it once he realized I was really sure we had to step on it. Been like that for most every un-natural obstacle.
On the ground Azule is a sweetheart, he always pays attention to where you are and what you are doing, is quiet to saddle, stands tied, bathes, loads, and is easy on the farrier. Clearly hasn’t had a lot of show style grooming experience, but is calm and tolerant (the face he made when he saw bubbles in the wash bay!). He handles flyspray and masks/blankets well.
This big guy is a gem of a horse, if I didn’t have my own big guy already I’d scoop him up in a heartbeat! Owners are motivated to sell, asking $5500 OBO.
Located in Benson, AZ, call/text 520-591-9950 or DM for more information!

Published: November 28, 2020


Asking $5500


Intermediate to Advanced Rider


incredibly sweet
super willing
gorgeous blue roan gelding for sale
gorgeous blue roan gelding for sale
gorgeous blue roan gelding for sale
gorgeous blue roan gelding for sale
gorgeous blue roan gelding for sale