We each have our own needs when it comes to our horses, whether our intended use is trail rider, or high level competition.

In an effort to address the individual need of both horse and rider, there is help waiting for you from individual consultation and training, to full blown boarding and training packages:

Consultation & Development

Samantha has 20 plus years of experience in both building and managing ranch facilities:

  • Show Barns
  • Event Centers
  • Student/Intern Work Programs
  • Training Programs
  • Facility Management & Layout
  • Operations Consultation

Whether you are looking to purchase/build a new facility, or are looking for advice and assistance improving your current facility, Samantha has a wealth of hands-on knowledge and expertise to help you make educated and cost efficient decisions.

Equestrian Ground Manners
Equine Bodywork


Our equine are athletes, even if you use it just for casual riding.

Much like you and me, the holistic care of an athlete greatly impacts not only performance but mental health and comfort.

True bodywork goes well beyond the “horse massage” and addresses physical issues with your horse, providing an expanded range of motion and relief. This includes the use of multiple modalities, from deep tissue massage, acupressure, guasha, myofascial, craniosacral, and cold laser therapy, but also encompasses a holistic look at the equines work level, fitness, feed, farrier, dental needs and everything in between. A body worker is one part of the program that keeps our equine athletes, companions and partners performing at their best, and when you network those professionals as a team you and your horses become the best team you can be!

Looking to improve the performance and willingness of your horse?
Bodywork may just be the answer, and the missing key!

With multiple internships with nationally renowned practitioners over 14yrs of hands on study as well as ongoing education, certifications and field study, Samantha has a great many tools in her tool kit to assist your horse in being it’s best.


Samantha is an experienced clinician with a portfolio ranging from colt starting to roping, working equitation to bio-mechanics.

Available for horse shows and expos, she really shines at small, personal venues of 8-15 where a more personalized, custom tailored approach gives her the opportunity to work hand in hand with each of the riders.

Horse Training Clinics

Online Training

Samantha provides horseback rider and horse training services.

Rider: Training is available in private, small group, and clinic options and are delivered in a manner that is easy to digest and put into practice – from basic horseback skills to Bio-Mechanics and therapy.

Horse: Though her specialty is starting new horses, she is no stranger to working with difficult or rehab horses! Her work speaks for itself in the show ring, and the string of professional riders/ranches who call on her to work with their horses.


Though Samantha is well known for colt starting, in the performance and show ring, she is well known for her rehabilitation and bodywork.

The two go hand in hand in bringing a horse back from injury through building muscle and insuring proper alignment.

Rehabilitation work